Louise Elcock, Bursar, Mirrors are wonderful not seen anywhere else and very easy to fit. May Sturge, Matron, Really good idea, great fun for children. Jennie Jones, Fab idea. Kati Rhodes, Reception Teacher, Brilliant display, friendly staff, great idea. Mel Hughes, Director Commotion Group Reflections, The right product at the right time. Pat Brunton, ALC Associates, Everyone needs a mirror – at least one. Sam Wilson, Early Years Development Co-ordinator, Good & Practical, ideal for sensory rooms. Cheryl Rogers, Advisor Early Years Practitioner, Wow different sensory experience. Max Yates, Sport & Playbase, Really good display, clear-cut mirrors. Dimel Lord, Early Years Leader, Super, attractive, would fascinate the children. Jane Lord, ICT Co-Coordinator, Lovely display. Mrs R Naqri, Teacher, Very good quality, Fantastic Display. Andy Turner, Very Clear reflection. Lindsay Bray, Head Teacher Head of Centre, Very attractive and interesting product will use. W Harris, F S Manager, Different & Unusual, exciting for children. S Iphill, Operations Manager, Eye Catching & different, good display. Silvana Bradbury, Student, I thought the mirrors are brilliant, as I saw them I said WOW straight away. Mandy Cheek, F S Manager, The mirrors have the wow factor. Jennie Parry, Deputy Head, The mirrors drew us towards you, stunning & different. Michelle Holden, Co-Ordinater, Very eye catching, safe material. D C R Dorsten, Consultant, Really made me look, very engaging. Margaret McGee, Head Teacher, Very impressed. Kellie Muldoon, Student, Very eye catching. Hannah Melepatce, Teacher, Lovely. Sharm, Brill. Stewart, Childminder, Visually stunning. Vicky Early Years Outreach, Good value & beautiful! Display is very eye catching. Denis & Sandra, Nursery Nurses, Good. Lynn Hughes, Nursery Nurse Student, Wow made me smile. L Scott Early Years. I like the splat. A Reisi, Year 1 Teacher, I like the splat. Deb Falshaw, Owner, Lovely new idea. Mrs T Bailey, Nursery teacher, Very eye catching, instantly drawn. J Redmond Nursery Nurse, Wow factor. J Barlow, Senior Nursery Nurse, Very attractive & Eye catching. K Bartley, Proprietor, Visual, Different. D Huckerby, Area Manager (Day Nursery), Excellent Idea, very excited. F Bonas, Nursery Teacher, What an innovative and fab idea. R Hobson, Deputy Manager, Fab idea. A Wainwright, Director, Unusual, plastic effective. D Whitehead, Head of Pre-School, Good display. S Ensor-keir, Nursery Proprietor, Excellent impact. C O`Connor, Learning officer, Fantastic. Margaret Kerr, L.S.S, Lovely, Fantastic. Angela Bhower, Support teacher, Good fun & Imaginative. Liz Oliver, Foundation Coordinator, Excellent Idea. R Spillett, Childcare coordinator, fab. Jay Gisha, Manager Thompson Holidays, Great Idea, very exciting. M Self, Sales, brilliant & fantastic. Lea Johnson, Education officer, Eye catching and different. V Smith Assistant Manager, Good fun, entertaining. V Barnes, Class Teacher, What a lovely idea. H Goldman, Teacher, WICKED. Judy Craddock, Early Years Teacher, A shatterproof splash, who could ask for more. N Doyles Product Manager, FANTASTIC! FUN!. A Matzkiw, Teacher Special Needs, Excellent for kids with special needs. Janet, Director, Very good. Alison Glasgow, Manager, Fantastic ideas. Maureen Reilly, Teaching Assistant, Excellent. C Clark, Marketing Manager, Eye-catching WOW factor. Ale Hall, Accredited Childminder, Wonderful for babies. Debbie Heads Owner Poppyfields Day Nurseries, Excellent – Looking forward to getting your catalogue. Sara Burns, FS Coordinator, Very effective, great idea and very eye catching. Debbie Garvey Early Years Advisor, Wow the mirrors are brilliant!. Kathy Monks, Play Group Walker, Fantastic, Very eye catching. A Leekes, Reception Teacher, Gorgeous mirrors. S Jarks, Nursery Manager, Lovely. K Shimwell, Registered Childminder, Great ideas. A Philips, Nursery Nurse, Great ideas, very interesting. B Tate, Manager Pre School, Really interesting products. J Foote, Senior Nursery Nurse. Fantastic Fun Products. J Nunns, Deputy head Nursery. Very good idea. G Hodge, Nursery Nurse, Excellent idea good fun. C Ashworth, Assistant Manager, Good ideas. E Colgan, Nursery Nurse, Lovely new idea. S K Green, Primary Teacher, Fantastic for exploration, schools and privately. K Whitelegs, Secondary Librarian, Brilliant – Kids bedrooms, classrooms, safe! G Edwards, Special Needs Nursery Nurse, Brilliant Idea, just right for special needs. M Robinson, FS Manager, Mirrors have loads of potential, very promising. C Clarke, Early Years Teacher, Wonderful idea, so novel. D Feyisetan, Consultant, Excellent. J Wright, Early Years Teacher, Brilliant. A Davidson, N NEB, Very Light, intriguing for children, fantastic. N Pike, Teacher, WOW, AMAZING!!! A Smith-Brookes, Manager, AMAZING! ! ! L Boysen, SENCO, Great but I want an owl. N Binton, Head Teacher, Tremendous range, great fun and will brighten up the school. D Jackson, Childminder, Really effective, great. S Mallon, Nursery Assistant, Display looks great. S Chorlton, Nursery Manager, WOW what a great display. T Jones, Nursery Nurse, Look fabulous, Mirrors are amazing. C Dainnes, NNEB, I Want all of them. Joanne Darlington, Nursery Supervisor, Just right for teenagers. J Grosvenor, Nursery Teacher, Really different and eye catching. A Haywood, NNEB Deputy, Very bright, interesting. Cath Hand, NNEB, Love them. Liz Barry, Teaching Assistant, Look great and would be really stimulating. Chtnyl Woods, Out of School club owner, Stunning display, I want to buy them all. Tom Rhodes, Conference Technician, Fantastic display, very friendly people. Jen Coups Geweral Practice. Fantastic Display. Sara Worley, HLTA, Brilliant, got my child’s name for her bedroom wall, fabulous. Lynn Goldsack, NNEB, , Fantastic Display Bought 3 sets of tiny feet, they are so sweet. Brenda Flemmich, Teacher, Excellent Teaching resource. Zubeida Razakazi, Teacher, Lovely teaching resource. Racheal Linford, Nursery Nurse, SENCO, Fun, Ageless. Richard Smith, Co Director, Original & versatile resource. Mandy Dick, Government, Fun. Sally Baker, Nursery Nurse, Good ideas and sizes, love the idea that the mirrors are shatterproof. Moni Alaw, Director Day Nursery, Fab. Sally Sayers, Sales Manager, Absolutely fantastic!! What a great idea.